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When Two bit gets shy near you

I just choked




When Two bit gets shy near you

I just choked

If Two-Bit Was A General…


Soldier: Sir, we’re surrounded!

Two-Bit: Excellent, we can attack in any direction!

All for Two-Bit? c:



sleep headcanon: he usually has no problem sleeping, but when he does he goes and lays on the floor in his little sister’s room

sad headcanon: he’s afraid that johnny’s been giving up on himself so he tries to make johnny laugh and feel needed whenever he can

happy headcanon: ever since his little sister came up to him and asked ‘why do you smoke if it’s bad for you two bit’ he can’t bring himself to smoke quiet as much anymore, in fact he’s almost quit all together

angry/violent headcanon: he’s never been angry before, annoyed and upset yes, but he’s just too light-hearted to get mad at anyone

bedroom/house/living quarters headcanon: his room looks like a pig sty and he doesn’t even care because he knows where everything is

romantic headcanon: he’s never really had a terribly serious relationship because he’s never wanted one, but when he does decide to settle down, he’s not going to rush into anything

 family headcanon: although having a family isn’t something he’s really thought about, he really loves caring for his kid sister so he would be comfortable and happy with his own family

friendship headcanon: he makes fun of his friends more than anyone because he knows just how to get under their skin, but when it comes down to it, he’s a true friend that is very caring and good at listening

 quirks/hobbies headcanon: he cannot sit still; he’s always fidgeting, and he enjoys ‘art time’ with his little sister

likes/dislikes headcanon: likes: the corniest jokes you could possibly imagine and cartoons and there’s pretty much nothing he dislikes 

childhood headcanon: when two bit was little he would have difficulty learning and focusing in school and the teachers believed that he just wasn’t paying attention so he eventually just gave up trying to learn

old age/aging headcanon: his hair would start turning gray at an earlier age 

cooking/food headcanon: two bit stinks at cooking, he can’t even make ice cubes, the only think he can do is make a half decent chocolate cake

appearance headcanon: when he didn’t put grease in his hair it just kind of flopped down in the front and curled in the back

random headcanon: he’s scared of spiders 

Ponyboy: *breathes*


Requested by Anonymous

Two-Bit burst through the front door of the Curtis house with an impish grin on his face. “Guys, you’re not gonna believe this..” he started to laugh.

Darry looked up from his newspaper with an annoyed expression. “Before you tell us about your glorious news can…

Baeeeeeeeeee! I want some Dally/Johnny romantic headcanons from you! I demand some!


Dally x Johnny romantic headcanons: 

  • Dally isn’t over romantic nor does he change his personality since he’s with Johnny. 
  • Johnny on the sly takes cooking lessons from Mama Mathews because God knows one of them needs to know how to cook instead of always having to get take-a-way.
  •  I’m pretty positive Dally is the one who was the first one who called  him Johnnycake. He hates that everyone else does because it was a  nickname that was supposed to let Johnny know he was special to  Dally.
  • I can see Dally being a dick to Johnny in their relationship and regretting it. For example, Johnny hasn’t eaten in two-three days (he doesn’t want to take food away from the Mathews or Curtis’s and doesn’t want Steve and Dally to waste their money, He steals money from his old man then buys a drink; Dally comes along and drinks the whole thing. Then finds out that his lover hasn’t had anything to eat and then Dally gets angry that Johnny hadn’t told him that. “Why didn’t ya tell me, man?! I never woulda drank it had I known. C’mon, lemme buy you something. Can’t let you starve, can I?”
  • His uncharacteristically loving gestures and moods would be subtle shit that only Johnny understood and everyone else (if they were accepting of course) would be like, “How could you/what were you thinking?!” 
  • Dally does tend to cuddle with Johnny but he’ll never admit it. He’d just throw his arm over Johnny and Johnny knows enough not to say anything. 
  • Johnny would just wriggle closer to him while somewhat being afraid he’s crowding Dally’s space. Then in the middle of the night, Johnny wakes up and feels arms tightened around his small frame, and Dally’s face is completely buried in his neck while they’re in the spooning position. 
  • Dally will even steal a little kiss on the cheek in the morning when he thinks Johnny is asleep but Johnny still feels it, then deny it completely when Johnny asks about it.
  • Johnny would let it go but have a shy, genuine happy smile on his face; while Dally looks annoyed but is secretly happy to know Johnny gets it.
  • Johnny is the Dally whisperer. 
  • Later on in life they take in a wayward boy who lives in the streets. Johnny wants to automatically take him in, but Dally is telling his lover ‘no.’ 
  • Johnny persuades Dally by saying, “Don’t be like that, Dal. He’s bad off like us.” Think of the Red and Kitty Forman scene where they officially take Hyde in. 
  • Dally stomps away while cursing and yelling shit back at Johnny like, “Why do you do this Johnny?” “Sap.” Meanwhile, Johnny’s secretly smiling because he knows he just got Dally to take the boy in.  Like this (watch)/except Johnny won’t cry or be over dramatic like Kitty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDP8nPr_EMg 
  • Dally is very dominant in their sex life.
  • Johnny is a big screamer in their sex life.
  • Johnny likes some kinky shit, but not too kinky.
  • Johnny would work side jobs to get Dally a thoughtful gift. 
  • Dally and Johnny telling each other I love you is a rare occurrence and they don’t need to say because they understand it without words.
  • Johnny never knew what everyone else knew and that was Dally would have killed for him if he had said the word.
  • and they love each other for eternity. 
  • Dally never regretted getting himself killed; for he died with a triumphant grin upon his face. <- canon. 
  • Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. 
  • Dally on many occasions was terribly close to killing Father and Mother Cade but Johnny’s love for them stopped them. He couldn’t hurt Johnny like that even though he knew very well Johnny would be better off without them
  • Whenever Dally was in the slammer for some time; Johnny visited him and always brought Kools. 
  • Johnny never knew this, but whenever Dally was in the cooler he had the gang always inform him how the kid was. 
  • The denim jacket Johnny owned is something Dally lifted for him. He hated seeing the kid get soaked. 
  • Johnny stayed wherever Dally stayed the night if Dally caught him in the lot. 
  • Johnny knew that Dally was directly involved in the murder wrap back in NY; hence why he gasped when Dally mentioned it. 
  • Dally is very possessive over Johnny. 
  • In the afterlife, Dally and Johnny stuck together while they watched the gang.

-Guys, I was very reluctant to post this one because I know how people are. If you don’t like slash or Dally x Johnny; then skip over this.

hi. could u do a request? i know u have nothing on ur profile that u would write a ponyboy/johnny waking up together? i don't know of any other person would do it. thanks if u do it. :]



Sure! Usually I would say no because it just has to flow through my mind and not be forced. 

First I want to say I am so so so so sorry that it took me long to finish this. I saw this ask in my inbox since five this morning my time and that’s what I mean by my writing cannot be forced when prompted; I literally have to be inspired or in the mood. 

I want to stress it is not my best at all. It’s corny and it’s horrible.

My Darry x Johnny brotp Gratitude one came out better. 

Here is a little fanfic for you:

Title: Waking Up To You

Pairing: Ponyboy x Johnny, Pony x Johnny

Notes: a bit OOC.


Pony felt the body next to him stir a little, a sure sign that Johnny was in the beginning stages of waking up…or at least he hoped. 

Gray-green eyes took in and devoured the sight of his lover. Had anyone told him he would be in love with his best buddy a few years ago; he would have laughed and then proceed to beat said person up. 

No one knew of their relationship. That would be asking for outright murder. No, they did however share a small two-bedroom, one bathroom apartment. They kept what was Ponyboy’s room unkempt to fool everyone, while their bedroom was what one unknowing of their relationship, Johnny’s room.

A devilish grin formed on his face, ‘He needs to wake up anyway.’ was Pony’s logic. It was true, they had promised Darry that they would go and help him with roofing today. 

He poked Johnny’s cheek and kept it up until he saw black eyes opening, followed by cursing. Crawling over Johnny, he placed pecked him on his cheek then chuckled as Johnny playfully pushed him away. 

That didn’t deter the auburn teen, if anything it just encouraged him. Johnny laid back on his pillow, while he pulled the blankets back up, “What are ya doin’, Pony?” Johnny inquired, while laying his head back on the pillow. 

"I can’t wake you up, now," Pony snarked as Johnny raised an eyebrow that looked impressively like Two-Bit, "Just wanted ta wake you up, but fine." he dramatically proclaimed out loud in their small room. 

Suddenly he climbed on Johnny, grabbing him by his undershirt and kissed him vigorously with all the life he had in him. Their hearts raced as Johnny invited Pony’s tongue to sneak in as he wrapped his arms around the younger greaser. Suckling on the black-haired greaser’s tongue as Johnny nipped at his bottom lip. 


Johnny turned the tables as he pulled away to nip and kiss at Ponyboy’s neck causing Pony to shiver in lust as smooth, wet kisses were being placed on his neck. 


"When do we hafta meet, Darry?" Johnny hurriedly asked as he pulled Pony’s shirt off.

"In a few minutes," he whimpered out, knowing that with the way Johnny was going to keep on. 

"He can wait."

The sound of their phone ringing echoed throughout the small apartment. 

Meanwhile, blankets were thrown to the floor, clothes thrown all over a dinky bedroom, and most importantly…love was being expressed.




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Summary: “You should be.”

Fandom: The Outsiders

Characters: Darry Curtis and Johnny Cade.

Notes: Johnny is emotional.



Darry looked out from behind his newspaper wondering who the person was and who was the one receiving gratitude. His expression turned into…